KlipTech® Mission: “We are committed to researching, developing, designing, and manufacturing the most durable, cost effective, user and environmentally friendly products in the world while delivering quality product with unmatched customer service.”
-Joel Klippert, Founder/President

EcoClad® is one of the latest innovations from award-winning green product designer, Joel Klippert. As a bio-composite material used for exterior cladding, soffits, wainscoting, and interior vertical applications, EcoClad® brings beauty and superior protection to to your building in an array of applications.

When EcoClad® creators had the idea of covering buildings with recycled paper in the late 90s, people thought the idea was crazy. Today, however, EcoClad® is a widely respected and internationally recognized building material with a modern appearance that rivals metal, brick, and other exterior materials.

How is this possible? EcoClad® is constructed of post-consumer paper products and dense, sustainable bamboo fibers, allowing for outstanding durability and water resistance - not to mention the peace of mind that you're protecting natural resources.

There are 3 different lines available, designed to fit various types of projects.


The New EcoClad XP, along with all 400 color & grain options from Original, is a very tough and very durable surface with increased color durability over traditional cladding products but now with exteneded protection, offering a 15 year UV warranty, EcoClad has raised the bar to surpass todays stringent architectural demands.


EcoClad Original is offered in over 400 different colors & grains with its 6 different finish types available. Most commonly used in a Smooth Matte or Satin, EcoClad Original is offered in either Smooth or Textured, in either a Matte, Satin, or Gloss.


EcoClad Raw is a cost effective version made using the raw core paper in basic colors, made from FSC certified 100% post consumer recycled paper.


It's building with style and conscience.

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EcoClad is formulated and compressed using state of the art sustainable technologies. Using layers of paper comprised of post consumer recycled paper fiber and rapidly renewable bamboo fiber, we integrate hi-performance wood grain and color paper layers with a UV armor layer on top and a balance layer on the back for .