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EcoClad Original Fusion Maple with a smooth matte finish on the Bigelow Labs Oceanic Research Center in East Boothbay, ME

Hi-rez - Bigelow Labs2

KlipTech Products


RampX is a super strong and durable composite made using 50% recycled paper for the skateboard ramp industry. This was the first product made and marketed as a recycled paper composite in the world. Find out why so many other companies are choosing Kliptech.


EcoTop is an innovative surface material that promotes sustainability without compromising quality or style. Made by the original creators of recycled paper countertops, EcoTop offers a wide range of colors and unbelievable color consistency. This is the most udrable, user-friendly, and sustainable surface material available.


RecycleTop is comprised of a 100% post consumer recycled paper fiber and a new 50% rapidly renewable corn and cashew based resin formula. RecycleTop is now at the forefront of a cost driven, sustainable construction market, given its user friendly nature, scratch & stain resistance ability, and impact resistance capability. A healthier built envirnoment just got closer.

Fusion Maple at Bigelow

KlipTech's line of EcoClad products can be custom designed very specific applications, both commercially or residentially.  Having 3 different kinds of EcoClad, we offer a very diverse line of panels used for interior and exterior applications, that can be custom made, cut, or designed to fit your budget. EcoClad Original is a prime example with over 400 different colors and wood grains that can be made in 6 different finishes, either smooth or textured, in a matte, satin, or gloss. EcoClad Raw is designed primarily for for lower cost applications using only the recycled paper as the color surfaces without custom grains & colors, or elaborate finishes. EcoClad XP is designed to provide extended protection for UV shift.

EcoTop Counters

This video shows the process of how our products are made and assembled. Unlike other paper based technologies that we've invented in the past, EcoTop is made with a clear, 100% water based resin, which has enabled us to create lighter colors like Snow White and Ivory. As opposed to pigmenting the resin content and saturating white paper, we pigment the pulp fiber process and add our clear resin base which enables the EcoTop to have unbelievable UV stability and color consistancy unlike other paper based products.


"We tried everything we could to stain or break it, we even jacked our car up on an EcoTop surface and couldn’t even so much as tarnish the surface. Unbelievable durability!"

John Dobson